Patents / OEM

Speed Sights and the Point to Point “No Guess” System are covered by a number of patents, some issued and published, some pending and unpublished. These include a number of designs in addition to the Triangular Speed Sights. All are based on the science of VizioNomics and offer truly superior sight pictures for both rifle and pistol.

Perhaps you manufacture a line of pistols or a line of innovative sight products. What would those same products be like adapting the No Guess system to your existing line?

Contact Advanced Design and Engineering for licensing possibilities that could revolutionize your product line…and profits.

Speed Sights is a Registered Trademark of Advanced Design and Engineering.

“Point to Point Shooting System, VizioNomics, and No Guess Shooting System”, are Trademarks of Advanced Design and Engineering.

Design Patent: D0546915
Utility Patent: 7,4515,66