Made Tough

“I have put over 15,000 rounds through the front sight…it’s still as bright as the day I first got it…I probably have over 75,000 rounds through the rear sight and they are also still bright”
-Professional protection team leader, Speed Sights field evaluator

The Diamond series is machined from a solid block of 7075 T6 Aerospace Certified Aluminum Alloy.

7075 T6 is used for military and civilian aircraft, missle components and many gun parts such as hand guards, frames and other components.

7075 T6 has a rated hardness greater than many common steels. (Brinell 150) The sights are then Mil-Spec Anodized for durability and corrosion resistance.
The large colored sighting elements are a proprietary blend of highly reflective pigment that is then armored with a coating resistant to water, oil and solvents.
The sighting elements are also completely encased by metal, with the front sight being actually recessed slightly, to protect against scrapes and blows.

One customer recently called in and described how his gun had suffered a drop from about 3 feet onto a ceramic covered concrete floor. Although one side of the rear sight was dented, the sighting element, and sight picture, were undamaged.