Law Enforcement

Almost 8 out of 10 Speed Sights sales are now to Law Enforcement, many of them to department instructors.

“Our officers qualification scores go up at least 20 points with the Speed Sights”
-J.M. MCSO, Department Instructor

“I was just at a tough 4 day combat pistol program with the new Speed Sights. They had us throw our guns down into mud, dust, gravel, snow…the Speed Sights passed all the tests with flying colors. I must have tried 20 different sights over the years, but the performance of the Speed Sights was just unbelievable”

“Combat proven…”
-Dave Spaulding, “Diamonds for Rough” Speed Sights report

Dave Spaulding, founder of RACS training, a 28 year LE veteran, wrote up the results of his 6 month field test of the Diamond Speed Sights, which he described as “combat proven” and possibly one of the innovations that might be “…the future of combative handgun sights”:

Read Dave Spaulding’s test results here: “Diamonds for the Rough”

Update: In 2010 Mr. Spaulding was voted “Law Enforcement Educator and Trainer of the Year” by ILEETA, the International Law Enforcement Educator and Trainers Association.

Law Enforcement Test and Evaluation

A Speed Sights T&E purchase includes a full six months to test them out. If they don’t help you and your officers shoot better, you can still return them for a full refund, including the original shipping charge.

More effective training saves time and money

Besides giving an edge on the street, another real advantage Speed Sights “No Guess” system can offer is optimizing training time…and cutting costs.

A training officers report:
“At the next qualification…I let officers who were marginal shooters test the speed sights. Majority of the comments were positive and most of them stated that their sights were quicker to acquire on target, that the high contrast between front and rear sights were superb. I’m the
firearms instructor for the department and I saw a definite improvement
with our marginal shooters; their qualification scores increased 20%
to 30%. I greatly endorse these “speedsights” in that it improves my
officer’s shooting skills & marksmanship.
Please e-mail me a price list of the speedsights. This department will
be purchasing some of your speedsights”.
Thanks Again!
R.N., Assistant Chief, Department Marksmanship instructor.

We actually spoke with one of their detectives who often had trouble qualifiying; during their most recent test, they had come in 20 points below passing. The instructor then handed them an identical gun equipped with Speed Sights and said, “Now re-shoot the test with these”.

With no additional practice or instruction, they re-shot the course and their score went up 40 points. They passed easily, crediting the sights and saying their confidence level had gone up considerably.

By giving officers of any skill level what they need to meet their training goals more effectively, Speed Sights “No Guess” system could cut the ever higher costs of ammunition and training time.