A number of competition shooters have adopted Speed Sights and commented on the edge the No Guess system has given them:

“…I do need another set for my glock 21 and
for a glock 17…I do shoot my glock 17 in a bunch of IDPA matches…target acquisition is extremely fast with these sights and I am also installing them on my carry gun. I highly recommend these sights for anyone competing in a shooting sport where speed of target acquisition is vital. This is a very impressive product that I plan on using
EXCLUSIVELY in all my IDPA matches.”

M.R., Competitive shooter/CCW holder

“I shoot IDPA matches in 3 states and I have been looking for two years for sights that my eyes could really pick up. I think you have an absolutely wonderful product. Do you have any vests with your logo that I could wear to the National Championships?”

“In answer to your question concerning improvement with your sights:
1. Stationary shooting drills: 20% improvement
2. Free Style courses (run and gun) 35% improvement
3. These numbers are a direct correspondence over all, within our class they are much more dramatic.
4. Sight acquisition is 50% faster overall….”

“After Field testing your speed sights for a month, and testing them by fire at the IDPA Nationals, I feel they are the fastest acquiring sights that I have used. What I find the most useful is being able to see between the diamonds. This enables quick sight pictures, and gives me the ability to engage rapidly moving targets quickly. I feel that I would not have been able to place this well without your Speed sights. Having only used them for a month prior to the Nationals speaks volumes about the quality and performance of your sights.”