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This weeks compliment: Your company's sights are amazing.
My shots have been a lot more consistently accurate since 
I shifted to using them. It's about time someone incorporated
a front sight that's more pinpoint accurate than other sights.



Manufactured and Assembled in the USA

"Combat proven" 

      -Dave Spaulding's independent review: www.lawofficer.com

Dave Spaulding is the founder of RACS, a 30 year LE veteran and ILEETA's Educator and Trainer of the Year for 2010

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Give your eyes the power

Old style sights were invented in 1892 by Eugene Patridge. Time for an upgrade?

Why chase dots? Speed Sights sharp edged diamonds lock instantly into place and you know you have exact horizontal and vertical alignment.  

Old style sights are too small, dark and have no instinctive pattern for your eyes to recognize. That''s why it's so often time consuming...and expensive, to meet training and proficiency goals.

Studies have shown that during actual gunfights, most survivors say they didn't even remember seeing their sights. Except those few who had sights bright enough to "interrupt their field of vision" during those moments of extreme stress. 

Get the sight system that boosts the natural power of your eyes, instead of working against it. 

Ordinary sights were a great innovation for the time. But they force your mind to guess whether the notches, gaps and dots might be aligned.

Shooting isn't about guessing.

Speed Sights patented "No Guess" system gives you what you need to stay on target, even during high stress, rapid fire situations.

The Diamonds "point to point" system offers a razor sharp, instinctive  pattern that locks together instantly.

Our new Diamond series sights offer the ultimate "front sight focus" with the brightest front sight available

Speed Sights are based on a modern scientific understanding of how the visual system works and modern manufacturing methods and materials.

Our new Diamond Series gives you all the advantages of our triangle MultiSight and now the upgrades shooters have been asking for:

Tritium Night Sight option for highest visibility in all lighting conditions.

CNC machined from a solid block of 7075 T6 Alloy, harder than many common steels. 

Choice of Rear heights for custom zero









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